We set out to transform the way environmental organizations acquire and use their data.
Today, our solutions are deployed at universities and non-profit institutions in the world
to solve problems that seemed impossible in the past.

Capture, Analyse, Deliver

We bring together the latest available multi-source data, integrate, process it and ensure it is accessible to the end user.
Data Acquisition

We squeeze the potential of drone and satellite technologies to ensure an optimal data input.


Processing RGB and multispectral data bring us the opportunity to extract valuable information from our high-resolution datasets.


We make the use of environmental big data easier with our own GIS web platform, ready for you to enjoy.

Accurate geospatial data on demand

We understand Environmental NGO’s struggle accessing geospatial data.
We bring together the latest available environmental data acquired from different sources like drones, satellites or IoT ground sensors and get it ready for your application.
If the data you are looking for is not available, we source it or capture it for you! We have an array of aerial platforms and drone pilots, airborne multi-band sensors and IoT ground sensors that allow us to generate the dataset you need.

Convert data into actionable information

Acquiring data is important, but managing it properly is key.
We combine cutting edge scientific knowledge with data to provide you with valuable information on the current status of  natural environment and resources. We understand the limitations of the different platforms we work with and make sure we squeeze the potential of each and everyone to get accurate results.
With our expert knowledge of the vast variety of available data, we supply you with the most effective and efficient solution tailored to meet your needs specifically targeted to Disaster Risk Reductions and Climate Vulnerability Capacity Analysis.

Use and Share

We work hard to make your spatial data accessible through any platform.
We set up the perfect environment for you to make use of the data and analysis required for your project. We will empower you and your organisation to give continuity to the project over time and provide the external support required if you get stuck or need extra functionalities.
We get rid of the knowledge and resource barrier required to develop environmental analysis so you can have full access to the potential that environmental data has to offer.
We know visibility is a must, our web maps will help you to show the results of your project to the audience, even in real time!


Whether you need to make use of geospatial technology in your organisation or increase the visibility of your work through web maps – we can help.


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Holt Street Birmingham Science Park Aston, Birmingham, B7 4BB

Data Acquisition
  • Orthomosaic Generation
  • Digital Elevation Model Generation
  • Digital Surface Model Generation
  • 3D Point Cloud
Terrain modeling/Hidrology
  • Morphology
  • River banks
  • Landslide Risk Map Generation
  • Flood Risk Map Generation
  • Soil Erosion Risk Map Generation
Animal management & conservation
  • Perimeter assessment
  • Habitat management